Perspective is everything…

Firstly, thank you for clicking on this post! This is my first attempt at trying to get my thoughts onto paper, or in this case a computer screen. So I hope you enjoy, and decide to stick around for the future.

Anyway, getting down to business – perspective changes our perception on everything. This topic has been majorly on my mind these last few days. I am fascinated with nostalgia, and the feeling of reminiscing. The reason why this sparked massively recently is because of a bike ride.

On Sunday my family and I went on a bike ride around a reservoir. I had visited this reservoir, especially with my dad, many times during my childhood. I remember exclaiming to my classmates how I went around this huge lake, and even making up little white lies that I managed to ride my bike 5 times around this 7km lake! However, after revisiting this place, I realised it’s really not that big. I’m not sure if this instilled a sense of disappointment, as I wanted to believe that as a child I was truly that incredible that I managed to spend hours tirelessly cycling round a lake, or if it made me realise that as we grow up and look back we notice that these big obstacles we face actually are only as big as our perception allows it to be.

Subsequently, this bike ride and my childhood impression of it turned into a metaphor for approaching situations in life. I know that I stress myself with silly things, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows how difficult it is to sometimes switch off your brain from panic. However, maybe the best thing is to remove yourself from the situation and think about how you’ll feel about this in 5 years time. Maybe you’ll find that actually it is not as big of an issue as first perceived, and that it is truly as easy as riding a bike.



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