i am fire

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away lived a girl, locked up within her own tower. She is a disaster.

Fire runs through her veins, and with every touch she ruins her surroundings.

She’s trapped.


When she was just a young fair maiden, she would run around, frolicking with all her friends. She always envied Earth, as she was always so grounded. She always envied Water, as she flowed with creativity. She always envied Air, as she was subtly reassuring. But the protagonist of this story, she was Fire.

Fire was beautiful.

Fire realised she was neither grounded nor reassuring. She was simply Fire. Everything she touched turned to soot and dust. Everything she touched was ruined.

She is a disaster.

She always noticed how the boys ran wild with her friends. She observed how they gravitated towards Earth, and how they needed Water to extinguish any negative situations and how they demanded that it was vital for Air to be present. She remarked how they didn’t need Fire.

Once, a boy perceived that from a far Fire was beautiful. But he came too close, and ended up burnt. She just tried to show her love for him. Yet, her love exudes like a wildfire, and consumes the innocent.

She is a disaster.

Fire began to fear that if anyone else came too close, they would be burned once more.

So she locked herself away.

Trapped like a bird in a cage.

She is a disaster.

One stormy winter night, she noticed a boy outside her tower; lying frozen on the floor. Her compassion for the poor soul allowed herself to rush out of the tower, and bring the boy into the warmth. As he lay within the confinement, she examined his face. Her warm eyes glazed over his cold features, until she noticed his eyes began to open. Upon his awakening, they both jumped from each other in fear.

“Get away from me. I’m a disaster.”, they both shouted.

Confusion created a strange atmosphere within this tower. The boy looked astonished at the fact that she had carried him into the tower, and she had remained unfrozen. She looked on at him confused that she had carried him into the tower, and he had not been burnt.

Fire had met Ice.

Ice had met Fire.

They were both disasters.

The fire in her veins had melted his cold exterior, and the ice in his veins kept her fiery surface at bay.

They embraced each other’s disastrous qualities, and saw the beauty in their elements.

We all have disastrous qualities within us.

Understand that not everyone will see the beauty in this, but there will be some that are captivated by it.

I am fire.




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